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Hello, Ladies! I'm Kari Lansing, MS, ATC, CSCS and for the past 24 years, and 22,000 hours, I have practiced as a NATA Certified Athletic Trainer and an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and specialize in coaching women runners from 5k fun-runs to amazing half marathon finishes.

Praise from Real Clients

Despite being an "experienced" runner and marathoner, and a Sports Medicine Physician, I was struggling with my training. Hip pain was beginning to limit my long runs, and not running was not an option for me. I started to work with Kari in 2017. Her initial evaluation was comprehensive, she took the time to listen to what I needed, what my goals were, and what I was willing (and not willing) to do to achieve them. Her plan was all-encompassing, not only giving me a better running schedule that fit my life and career, but added in strength work that I could do efficiently, and addressed my nutritional needs. As my needs changed (and life got in the way), she continually reassessed how I was doing, what I was able to accomplish, and adjusted our plan. Her help has been priceless, she has gotten me to many more starting lines healthy, and even better, across the finish lines relatively pain free! She has helped my running form and efficiency, and I am back to recovering like I did in my 20s (despite now being in my 40s). I have such respect and gratitude for what Kari has done for me, that I have been referring patients to her for years. She will guide you every step of the way, transform your running and activity, and push you (gently) past what you think you can do! ~ Dr. Tracey Viola, MD

  "I have worked with Kari for approximately five years, addressing injury related to triathlon activities as well as focusing on "general wellness". During our discussions relating to triathalon performance, specifically running, Kari suggested that she evaluate my mechanics. In terms of past performance, I was somewhat of a casual runner, having only done 1 marathon outside of an Ironman race. My Run specific results in the Ironman races were mediocre at best. Kari took me to the track and put me through a series of run specific tests. She designed a plan to address the multiple technical flaws in my running movement. She has completely changed my form, efficiency, power and recovery . Although I have much yet to learn, since I implemented Kari's plan, in the last 3 Lake Placid Ironman 140.6 and 70.3 races, I have placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the run. Kari's work delivered results for me, and the training process has become less traumatic on my body and more fun. Great process and great results!" ~ Ted Volz, 3 Time Lake Placid Ironman Podium, 7 Time Lake Placid Ironman Finisher

"Kari has guided me for a number of years with the intent of getting my running and general fitness to a high level. Kari taught me that in order to run fast and efficiently it is important to take care of a number of muscle groups through strength training which I’d never done before. She was able to find my weaknesses and provide routines that addressed those issues allowing me to run competitively and with greater enjoyment. Thanks for all the help!" ~ Ed

"I’ve been working out with Kari Lansing for about 12 years. She’s professional, knowledgeable, works with your individual needs & goals & really knows her stuff! I look forward to my sessions—each one is different with a wide variety of exercises. We work hard, feel better because of them & have fun! The fitness coaching program is the best." ~ Sue

"After experiencing a severe back injury a number of years ago I literally crawled into Adirondack Medical Fitness Center and was connected with Kari. Over the years she has enabled me to not only regain my movement and strength but to actually improve on these. With her expert advice and encouragement I am able to enjoy the active life style I desire. Now with continued new health challenges Kari is still helping me lead the way to maintain an active lifestyle. I could not image my life without her help, expertise, & encouragement." ~ Charlie

"One year after double knee replacement I knew I needed help getting my strength back. Kari has been patient, supportive and my body has gained more strength than I thought possible. I began the process with a limited goal. I have found with proper training that I’ve been able to tap into strength I didn’t know I had or could have found on my own. And it’s fun." ~ Mary

"Kari has helped me more than any of the many fitness coaches and therapists I have turned to. She has helped me to regain strength and function beyond my expectations and given me hope that I can continue to improve. Finally I understand that this is a lifetime process and the progress I keep seeing makes me want continue to do the work. I am very grateful for Kari's help." ~ Kathy 

"I've been seeing Kari Lansing in the Medical Fitness program since 2011. She has kept me on my toes for 8-years running. Almost 2-years ago, I required a hip replacement. The surgery was a success and after a course of physical therapy, I was right back with Kari twice a week. I have made tremendous progress, I no longer need a lift in my shoe, and I feel much stronger thanks to Kari and the outstanding staff at the Medical Fitness Center. We are so lucky to have this amazing facility and superb staff close to home to help us be the best we can be." ~ Chandler

"Kari devised and later tweaked, a set of goal directed exercises. Specifically, I wanted to strengthen the muscles involved in rowing and to improve my strength and flexibility so that I would be able to carry my boat, put it in and out of the water, get in and out of it (gracefully) from the dock, and get back into it should I flip out of it in the middle of the lake. In early June, I went to a 3-day rowing camp. I was able to perform all of those goals. In addition, I had the stamina to row for a 1 to 2 hr class, 2 to 3 times a day." ~ Brita

"Kari Lansing has guided me to a 110% recovery from a total hip replacement. Her expertise and explanations of the way the body can heal and strengthen through specific exercises has brought me further than I ever thought possible. I could not have done it on my own! Kari is super great but so is the whole team of physical therapists and athletic trainers. And I love the monthly workout challenges!" ~ Heidi 

"After suffering with several herniated discs in my back last year, I have been working this summer on specific areas of strengthening, with Fitness Manager, Kari Lansing. Kari was extremely thorough in her interview process and analysis before we began exercising, and has built a customized program for me that is showing tangible results. I am more than impressed with the Medical Fitness Center, and very happy with the progress Kari has helped me achieve." ~ Scott

"Kari is awesome. She’s helped me set realistic goals and designed programs to help me reach those goals. When introducing new exercises she provides thorough explanations not only for how to do them but how they are designed to help the body/muscles develop and work more efficiently. Kari is supportive, caring, and fun. She keeps me focused and engaged. I look forward to my workouts. The AHMFC is outstanding. The building is beautiful, the support staff is friendly and helpful, and the physical therapists/athletic trainers are unbelievably knowledgeable, caring, and professional." ~ Mary 

"Besides taking me through my workout routine adding, deleting and correcting, Kari listened to my limitations and designed a plan to work towards greater mobility for my active life-style. I meet with Kari once a week for a half hour for treatment on my knees plus discussion of the status of both my gym workout as well as my outdoor activities, primarily biking and hiking. She offers do’s and don’ts which I really appreciate. I will continue to see Kari because I feel I have made good progress in my mobility and pain management." ~ Maggie 

"One week after my initial evaluation and implementation of the exercise plan devised by Kari, I was without pain, pain that had been nagging me near constantly for 3+ years. Based on her observations and continued evaluation, Kari next expanded the exercise plan that she was devising for me. Now moving into yet another phase of her evolving plan, I feel great! I remain pain free, have improved flexibility and balance, and am back running for the first time in more than three years." ~ Terry 

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